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CTW’S wood slabs truly reveal the company's dedication to preserving the wood that has stood the test of time and offering the true beauty to be shared for many years.


Coffey Tree Worx slabs are:


  • locally acquired native Southern hardwood species from the nearby Appalachian Mountains

  • the dedication to "rescue" massive fallen timber, wind/storm damaged or standing dead trees, and other large diameter trunks and logs - destined for the burn pile

  • reviewed for seeing organic irregularities, rot, cracks, stresses, deformities, limb crotches and rough edges - abnormalities which routinely eliminate such timber from becoming cut into dimensional lumber

  • accenting flecks, burls, curls, flames, and the incredible variety of textures in the grain

  • unique ability to handle slabs up to 80" wide, cutting as thick as 12"

  • processed using minimal processes allowing us to release the natural beauty

  • American grown trees; our products are designed and crafted from local wood by American craftsmen


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