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What We Do...

Coffey Tree Worx cuts trunks and logs into slabs up to 12" thick, cutting vertically or horizontally from the tree. Woodworkers, home owners, interior designers, and architects can select from massive dried/sanded/filled slabs or from thick slabs of rough sawn fresh cut lumber. Every piece is unique in its dimensions, naturally straight or irregular edges and natural imperfections. Each has its own unusual combination of textures, patterns and designs. CTW can cut natural edge irregular shapes, and other custom specifications. Burls, limbs, cracks, decay, and other figuring in the wood are accented, unleashing the material's natural splendor.

The stunning beauty in the spectacular textures, patterns and grain of old wood slabs elevate them from functional objects to artistry. Using locally harvested hardwoods - oak, maple, walnut, cherry, beech, elm, poplar and cedar – CTW selects local trees which have fallen or need to come down; trees which die from natural circumstances, trees downed by wind and storms, trees removed by city workers, trees which are a danger to a building and its occupants. Every rescued massive tree has its own story, often laden with history, like the standing-dead 300 year old oak which had originally been planted next to the family home. CTW transformed this timber into magnificent slabs, measuring 22' x 80”' x 6” thick, ultimately destined for exquisitely handsome furniture tops. It takes an experience eye to discern what would normally be considered as lumber flaws, and to recognize the potential to magnify the imperfections for stunning results. Pieces of once grand trees are resurrected into new life, becoming functional objects with artistic flair.

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